Bronchial Asthma-Myths and Realities.

Another deadly disease coming under the head of NCD,a very cruel and harsh disease,also called suffocating disease.During attack, if left untreated,it gives one of the worst and most painful death known to mankind. Patients and even medical professionals have poor understanding of this deadly disease as a result ,millions die,globally every year.
1.Asthma-It’s all in one’s mind.

  • Is Asthma emotional/stress induced/psychogenic in nature.Answer is No.
  • Asthmatic have some physiological condition involving their respiratory system,hence, in some sudden severe emotional outburst,at times,this could trigger a attack if one is already suffering from poorly controlled Asthma.

2.Asthma Is Curable.

  • As said earlier in my previous post ,any disease coming under the banner of NCD.cannot be cured ,only can be controlled/managed.This stands true for this disease also.
  • False propaganda managers quoting tall claims about permanent cure,exist in every society,even the most educated and civilised ones,ruining people of their precious time and money.

3.Pregnant Asthmatic have numerous complications.

    • Years back this was not a myth, asthmatic mothers with poorly controlled disease were unable to carry normal pregnancy,as during pregnancy disease not only effects mother,it cuts/reduces  vital oxygen supply to foetus.
    • Poorly controlled Asthma can trigger
      • Hypertension.Preeclampsia-a state causing increased blood pressure which has cascading effects on most vital organs and even on placenta.
      • Prenatal mortality-Death of new born at the time of delivery or just after.
      • Premature birth.
      • Intra uterine growth retardation-meaning foetus attains
  • less weight and may have features of mental retardation in later part of life.
    • Now with modern understanding and treatment of disease leading to tight control of asthma and its complications ,any asthmatic can give even normal delivery like any other  female.
4.Asthmatic Child will out grow disease.
  • In certain conditions where asthma is managed properly or situations /allergens causing asthma are notified asthmatic attacks are greatly reduced but asthma is a life long disease,so asthmatic child cannot out grow it..

5.Asthmatic cannot exercise/indulge in outdoor activity.

  • With due precautions one can exercise or play like any other healthy person,carry your medication,notify your team mates about do’s and don’ts,restrict out door activity during winters or places could have some allergic trigger.
  • Consult your health professional before initiating any new physical activity.
  • Learn about exercises mainly related to breathing which will help in the better management of Asthma and it’s complications.

6.Alternative mode of treatments provide better control.

  • A absolute myth,no such study has been published till date supporting this claim,worse even during the time of acute asthmatic attack only and only modern allopathic mediation works.
  • Yes certain Indian Yoga postures/aerobic exercises help in controlling asthma,to some extent but that does not mean that one should stop treatment at all,asthma can sometime bounce back with severe life threatening conditions.

7.Regular use of inhalers is addictive.

  • No,not at all ,many researches have shown that the first line of treatment to prevent asthmatic attacks are inhalers only.
  • Inhalers are better then oral medication-
        • Cost effective.
        • Drug delivery directly at the place it is needed.
        • Doses required are sometimes 40% less then oral .
        • Few/No side effects.
        • In fact ,over whelmed by the success of inhalers,researches are trying to develop inhalers for other diseases like Diabetes,Hypertension ,etc.
8.Steroids used are harmful.
  • These days steroids are used seldom,instead corticosteroids are used
  • Researches have shown that the corticosteroids used are lighter,practically with very mild side effects and of the same quality as used for facial products.
Any further explanations related to this topic or any other ,if sorted,are welcome.

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