Donate Eyes-So you can see the world after you-Myths and Realities.

"The eye is the window to the world, at the same time, it is the window of the soul." – Shakespeare. 

There are millions with corneal blindness .Estimated 4.5 million sufferers in a country like India, waiting for corneal transplant.90% of these are in a working age,below 45. Eyes donated by a single person enlightens lives of at least two .Can you imagine anything as comparable as this donation –probably none.Just try to mimic life of a blind man by wrapping a black ribbon on your eyes for few hours ,you will cognize the pain,agony and suffering .Couple of days visited a blind school where they teach the art of pottery making,I was really astonished to see the work perfection,with the sense of touch, that we all won’t be able to make up with normal eyes. Eye donation is considered as a precious and possessed gift of sight for millions of people all over the world. It was travail to debunk myths surrounding this donation.

1. Who can donate eyes:- Eye donation is possible only when one leaves for heavenly abode.Anyone above the age of one year can donate.People with medical conditions like diabetes,hyper tension,cataract surgery,spectacles,old age ,even a person who is himself blind due to retinal or optic nerve disease can donate .The ultimate usage decision depends upon the medical team of doctors.Removal of eyes takes only 15-20 minutes and does not cause any disfigurement or interfere funeral practices. People who die without proper diagnosis or death due to some infectious diseases like HIV-AIDS,syphilis,infectious hepatitis are medically not allowed to donate .

2.What actually is eye donation:- Eye donation refers to donation of cornea-a clear,tenuous, transparent layer in front of the “sable“ portion of eyes. It is the most important part of the optical system of human body as it acts as the main focusing surface to converge light rays to focus on retina.Any grave injury or loss to this transparency results in direct blindness.A corneal  transplant surgery thus is replacement of injured,useless or opaque cornea with a clear cornea obtained from fresh human cadaver eyes.

3.Why can’t the whole eye be transplanted:- With the current medical science only cornea and sclera can be transplanted.However ,the entire eyeball is enucleated to facilitate transplants in a safe sterile environment.

4.Procedure to make an Eye Donation:- All you need to do is to fill a simple pledge form available at major eye bank institutions,they issue a pledge card which can be carried in pocket or one can also inform to relatives and friends about this noble last wish.  It requires lot of support,cooperation from relatives to carry out eye donation ,when some unsaid eventuality unveils .

5.Who can decide for eye donation in a deceased:- Eye donation can be done only with written consent of the next of kin in the presence of two witnesses. Relatives are authorized by law to decide for,even if one has not pledged eye donation during his life time. Further identities of both donor and recipient remains confidential.

6.Precautions to preserve eye for donation when eye bank team is away:- One has to take simple and few precautions to save eyes meant for donation .These include :-

  • Close both eyes and cover with moist cotton.
  • The ceiling fan above the body be switched off.
  • Body needs to be kept at lowest possible temperatures.
  • The head should be raised above body’s level.

7. My religion is against eye donation:- Fortunately, this is one thing where religious heads across all religions have supported the noble cause.

                     DUMP YOUR " I "  BUT DONT DUMP YOUR "EYE"  DONATE IT.

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