Tattoos-Myths and Realities-Natural Henna Tattoos.(part 4)

The safer traditional Indian way of tattooing-With increasing awareness and reasons mentioned in my earlier posts, the art of inking has recently undergone significant changes ,moreover celebrities like Demi More  and others have made natural henna tattooing very popular . The greatest benefits of natural henna tattoos arestick_figure_in_a_safety_vest_holding_a_saftey_sign_400_wht_9760

  1. Minimal or no side effects
  2. Cheap and easy to maintain.
  3. No pain or needling.
  4. No infections.
  5. Temporary.
  6. No stigma of carrying past.

Some artists have done recent inventions like mixing of few vibrant skin and eco friendly colors to henna, making Tattoos very attractive and promising.

More recently some inking is been made in the name of black hena  which actually is SYNTHETIC HENA – the synthetic version of henna-PPD (Para-phenyledamine) same chemical used in most of the color dye globally. It should be avoided as it carries following side effects:

    1. PPD may cause serious but rare complications :-
    2. Skin reactions and allergies,blisters.pus nodules.
    3. Acute Renal failure.

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