Organic Food,more nutritious? Myths and Realities

As food writer Mark Bittman wrote in the New York Times, to some, organic “seems to have become organic_growth_graph_400_clr_5097the magic cure-all, synonymous with eating well, healthfully, sanely, even ethically.” However, according to Bittman, “eating organic offers no guarantee of any of that. With people becoming extremely health conscious  demand for organic Food  is soring . Organics is a multi dollar industry and ever growing .Daily news feeds are flooded with harmful and irreversible side effects of pesticides, chemicals and unsafe practices used in farming but than the question arises Organic foods which are considered as virgin ,are really that beneficial and  more nutritious ? or it’s just another market hype . This post is not against Organic Food but is against the unwanted hype and myths created by some with nothing on record to prove tall claims .

What is Organic Food:- A food grain or vegetable grown under controlled conditions,devoid of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Natural compost and other methods are used to boost up organic farming.

Many  of us buy and eat organic food believing it to be more nutritious. A new study suggests  scent evidence of health benefits on becoming organic also with a vast number of influences and variables, from the ripeness of produce , quality of used compost, weather  and on the duration of the studies, more research and data is required.

This is one post unfortunately where many questions have the same answer………

  1. Organics are more safer,healthier and nutritious – A myth.
  2. Human or animal waste can safely be used as natural compost– A myth ,these waste may contain numerous heavy metals and pathogens which could either be not detected or not taken care off. Posting an interesting link on usage of Human waste as compost ,its interesting to see that lot of people have raised concern about this larger than life issue. . To say further it is tough to say at this juncture that organic foods are better than conventional or not.
  3. There have been multiple incidents were farmers and companies sold their produce under the disguise of being organic .
  4. Health benefits overweigh excessive cost of organic foods-  As written above it is very nascent to say about health benefits but yes these products are very expensive and might be just making a hole in your hard earn money.
  5. Organic Food a boon to environment :-  A myth , Organic food is believed to be environment friendly and does not contaminate soil and underground water but if you look on the other green_growth_button_400_clr_5201side , Organic food farming is less productive as compared to conventional (as of now), if the whole world turns to organic ,miles of new land will be needed for  cultivation , cutting trees and forest . A study proved that modern farming saved around 15 million forest area world wide. Costly and less food means undernourished will suffer even more.
  6. Organic food is taster:-  A myth, numerous studies have failed to prove this. Even Organic food is subjected to wax before selling to keep it fresh.
  7. Organic food does not require thorough washing:- A myth, Organic food is more susceptible for nasty bacteria for obvious reasons of being chemical free, cultures taken from surface of Organic food have reported to have deadly bacteria , every raw food should be washed carefully.
  8. Organic food farming prohibits chemical pesticides usage:- A myth, Ideally organic produce should be void of any pesticide usage but in reality limited usage is allowed.I am posting a link on organic milk products.

“The main point here is that something “organic” isn’t intrinsically better than something that isn’t, and that you have to approach all kinds of agriculture critically to achieve optimum sustainability.”

Found an article written by a scientific blogger ,she has done a detail analysis on the issue.It is interesting to note that many had posted comments with pro or anti sentiments .

Coming up next Extra supplements for GYM-Are they really beneficial? Myths and Realities.

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