Tattoos-Myths and Realities-The do’s and don’t s(part-3)

If you have read my earlier two post on body ink or tattoos and still ready to invest in this art please   adhere to following advice

      Make yourself mentally ready-Ask yourself ??.

  • If it is for someone especial ,think about future,are you confident of carrying this relationship ahead and to that next level?
  • Are you being pressurized by someone or for the sake of your group or community?
  • Are you under influence of drugs/alcohol?five_colored_hand_prints_3431 for tatoo (1)

The do’s

  • Choose your location wisely,so that in case of weight gain or pregnancy might distort or otherwise effect its appearance.Want to inked that is visible or hidden.
  • Never attempt tattooing yourself or from your friend.Always take services of a well qualified and trained professional,check credentials .
  • Check about the sanitized and sterile conditions in the saloon.
  • Check if he is wearing sterile gloves.
  • Check if he is using fresh set of disposable needles and ink.
  • Check that other instruments which are non disposable and  reused are cleaned with some good disinfectants.
  • Avoid inking over a mole.

Care when inked.

  • Remove bandage only when asked to do so,normally it is after 24 hours.
  • Cleansing is essential,do it with soap water,avoid warm and direct streams of water,don’t rub just pat the area for drying.
  • Use good moisturizing cream.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and polluted areas.
  • Avoid swimming or any activity which may cause excessive sweating.
  • Allow at least 2 weeks to heal ,don’t remove any scabs as they might cause skin infections,alter design and even scarring.

Tattoos-Myths and Realities-The unexpected risks of getting inked.(Part–4)The safer traditional Indian way of tattooing.Please follow the last part of this series schedule for next week.

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