The Tattoo Stigma-Myths and Realities.(part-2)

birds_on_stick_figure_9144 tatoo2Now there is a new breed of patients-college goers,estranged lovers,job aspirations,models,etc thronging to different hospitals /centers for their one common need to get tattoo removed, once thought mark of smartness,eye catching statements or designs,mark of faithfulness.

According to specialists,while it is very easy to get tattooed,the removal is tough ,often cumbersome and quite expensive .It takes anywhere between eight to ten sitting of laser treatment in a span of six month to get these tattoos removed.

I remember a young girl narrating her experience said -I liked people commenting on them.The process was almost addictive and I even liked the pain then but now when I am trying to get them removed. ”I had no idea it was going to be so difficult,painful and expensive,”

Permanent tattoos ,specifically the ones which are multi-colored and bigger than 4-5 cm are more difficult to remove.

Getting them removed.

  1. Lasers.-Most popular but expensive method .Short but accurate high intensity flashes of light break up the ink which eventually gets absorbed by the body.
  2. Abrasion.-Skin is sanded down to dermis using salt or rotating brush.Some times chemical peeling is also used in the same way.
  3. Surgery.-The image is cut fro the skin ,this may the only option left for ink that has penetrated the subcutaneous fat and are 2 cm deep.

If you are still ready to ink yourself and invest in body art-please adhere to Part 3 scheduled next week.-The do’s and don’ts

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