Total Knee Replacement-Do you need One.Myths and Realities.

You must have seen the grand old ma, living next door with swollen knees,aching with severe pain and unable to walk. This is a common problem  which we encounter every day, especially in ageing population but is the problem really age related and incurable,lets find out.

  • Arthritis pain is a sign of ageing.I should adjust living with it:- www.dranshul.comOsteoarthritis affects roughly 27 million US citizens  today and is estimated to involve around 72 million by 2030. Yet many Americans choose , prolonged conservative management to lessen the severity and duration of pain,but not elimination of pain completely .It is estimated that around 500,000 knee replacements are performed in the US every year with more than double the number postpone although they are optimal candidates.This is the number in one of the most modern society of the world ,one can assume the numbers in other developed and underdeveloped societies in the world.People slowly begin to give up things important to them.If an everyday activity causes pain and discomfort ,consult orthopedition, irrespective of age.
  • Only for old and Not for 25 years old:- The biggest myth, Implants per se has a life span of 20-25 years, there is  no use  living with painful, swollen joints which restricts the quality of life and ambulation.In yester years surgery was preferable in old age, as implants lacked quality, durability and lifespan,it was very tough to do redo knee replacements,but with modern techniques and better quality of implants,the risk no more exists.A redo knee surgery is very easy these days. In young adults, wear and tear is not normal, cause of severe bone and joint degradation needs to be located first before going under the knife but there is no absolute contraindication in young age.
  • People say there is no harm in living with the damaged joints:- Generally Knee replacement surgery is considered for severely damaged knees, when conservative treatment is not helping any more or has to be discontinued for medical reasons. Knee replacement surgery reduces pain, corrects deformity,  gives independence in activities and brings changes in lifestyle for the better.In case you choose to live with your damaged joints:
      • You continue to live with pain and walking difficulty affecting active life.
      • If damaged joint becomes unstable, then you may fall and sustain a fracture either around your hips or develop stress fractures along the shinbone (tibia). Your osteoporosis may also worsen as a result of inactivity thereby making your bone more prone to fractures.
      • Deformities and instability will gradually worsen with age and time.
      • As pain will force patients for regular consumption of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs – very likely to damage kidneys and cause stomach ulcerations.
  • Painful surgery:- With revolutionary advancement, in Anesthesia techniques and Anesthetic Medications, it has become virtually a painless surgery .
  • Someone else knee is replaced like in Liver and other transplants:- An absolute myth, Metallic and other implants are used , which are inserted by removing  8-9mm of  bone . Human knee is not replaced by human knee.
  • Bed rest for a few weeks:- Depending on the activity, most patients who undergo quad-sparing www.dranshul.comknee replacements are able to get back to normal within a few weeks. A return to rigorous activity takes only a few months. Most people are able to perform routine tasks within a few weeks.
  • Certain VVIP surgery had lots of complications, so will mine be:- Every surgery, elective or emergency, is compounded with some complications. Morbid and moribund conditions ,medical treatments and ability of surgeon decide the prognosis of any surgery. Any surgery is decided after taking relevant conditions in mind, weighing the pros and cons.
  • Knee replacement leaves a large and awkward scar:- Thanks to minimally invasive procedures, scarring is minimal compared to traditional surgery. In fact, the scar is typically only 3 to 5 inches long. As time passes, the scar will fade and become less noticeable.
  • All implants are same:-Today, patients have a choice of knee implants as well as a variety of implants customized to suit individual needs and lifestyles, depending upon your medical and other physical activity.

An important safety alert:- There are numerous indicators where total or partial knee replacement should not be opted. The performance of these implants depends primarily on age, weight, activity levels and other factors. Patients with medically unfit conditions including acute or chronic infections should not opt for knee replacement. Talk to your orthopedition regarding potential risks, quality of life post intervention and recovery time.

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