Child Abuse- Is your child a victim- Myths and Realities…

There has been a spurt of crimes against children in all societies. Recently we saw  hundreds and thousands protesters  in India against a brutal rape of a 5 year old girl child.We have grown up hearing horrifying stories from some Gulf countries about children being tied for camel race, for someone’s fun someone has to pay for his life . Child abuse is a  vast  but grossly misunderstood term, it is a grave social issue today and is ever increasing, unfortunately people fail to understand the seriousness of this monster issue. Problem starts when people  are in a denial mood that this cannot happen to their child .They also fail to realize that their child is also as venerable like others.Don’t think I belong to elite class of society so nothing can happen to my child ,no absolutely wrong child abusers can be found anywhere and everywhere.Children  are the hapless victims as for the molester it is the easiest prey to harass,to deprive,to molest,to sexually exploit,to use them as child labor,to push them to flesh trade,etc. Least is the fear of being caught as often children fail to understand  about what they are subjected too or  are unable to utter out of fear which these psychopaths create in their minds.In a study it was reported that 97% child abusers are close acquaintance of child a neighbor,cousin,cousin uncle,step father,step brother,servant,driver,teacher,stick_figure_needing_help_400_clr_7469baby sitter- you name a possible relationship you find a possible abuser.

What is Child Abuse– It can be define as “the harming (whether physically, emotionally, or sexually),ill-treatment, abuse, neglect or deprivation of any child/person below maturity age.”This is just a elastration of what a child abuse can be  there are no definite lines . Most common types of child abuse are classified below-

  1. Emotional Abuse.
  2. Neglect.
  3. Partisanship.
  4. Physical Abuse.
  5. Sexual Abuse.

I have involved psychologist , critical care and trauma care specialist,pediatrician,gynecologist and my own clinical experience to develop this post  .Talking to many people about their views on child abuse I was a little surprised to hear most of them said sexual assault is the only child abuse hence came an idea of formulating this post.

1.Child abuse occurs only in very few societies:- On a contrary child abuse is seen every where including highly educated ,conservative ,irrespective of socio-economic status or ethnicity,be it rural or city areas.

2.My child is fearless –will tell everything:-Even the best communicating child could be shy and there are number of reasons to it,many a times molesters creates such a psychological fear factor that these hapless victims are unable to utter anything thinking of more dreadful activity . Often children are unable to understand as to what they are subjected  to.  stick_figure_depression_400_clr_11168

3.I belong to very affluent society no one can think of harming my child:- Hold on Man your loved one is as vulnerable as others it could be your childhood friend or your driver or maid or anyone. Precaution , open mind and recognition of signs and symptoms is the only answer.

4.Children subjected to sexual abuse are abused by strangers:- As I wrote earlier also 97% cases of sexual abuse of children are somehow known to victims.

5.Boys are not subjected to sexual abuse :- A myth, boys are equally abused for unnatural sex or sodomy.In fact very often are brutally assaulted also.

6.Children retract after complaining about child abuse generally lie about abuse :- A myth, for a child it is very tough to cook stories about these abuses they retract because of serious implications in their surroundings,fear of conflict and removal of the person involve or fear  of their removal from the family,children are pressurized  by adults by fearing them more abuse.

7.Disobedient or mischievous  children are the main victims of child abuse:- This could be true to some extent as most often these kids are subjected to cruel and barbaric physical or emotional abuse. Having said that no law permits to abuse a child, right upbringing is sole responsibility of the adults.

8.Sexual abuse is the commonest child abuse at home:- In reality physical and emotional abuse is common by child parents or guardian .

9.Child abusers are only men:- Generally  patriarchal form of society is seen mostly where male is the dominating figure and thus believed that males are the only abusers but in reality  females are equal abusers or sometimes even worse.

10.Only direct abuse effects a child:- Child can understand  of something wrong around, be it heated or violent arguments,physical harm ,harm to property or any other anti social activity  amongst adult members makes  them emotionally and physiologically abused . Many a times it is seen that this kind of upbringing is the breeding ground for  these children turning into ruthless and emotionless hardcore criminals at a very young juvenile age.

11.Children with disabilities  are less susceptible to child abuse:- On the contrary these children are abused roughly 4 times than normal children .These children are mostly abused by close family members even by brothers and sisters as these children gets more attention in the family and due to special needs are a financial liability to  the family making them vulnerable to worst kind of physical,emotional  and even sexual abuse.

12.Removing child from abusive adults will solve all problems :- Yes it is important to remove the child in time of acute emergency but removing them permanently from parents or guardians may have severe emotional impact. Many a times adults are ignorant about their misdoings, especially family members, who need to be counseled effectively .The ultimate aim should be to return child to his/her family members when child security is assured.

Few indicators of physical abuse:- Unexplained and often bruises,cuts ,burns,fractures and etc. Picks up fights with other children on every pity issue. line_figure_depressed_400_clr_10078

  • Few indicators of emotional abuse:- Unexplained withdrawal of child from all activities,behavioral changes,low on appetite,low on energy levels.
  • Few Indicators of sexual abuse:-  Blood stained or unusual foul smelling or torn undergarments.Unusual appearance of Private parts like redness,bleeding,lacerations,bruises,some sexual transmissible disease.Pain or itching over the private area.Fear of certain places or people . Unusual and underage usage of toys or other children for sexual acts/play.

If this post can save even a single child from child abuse, I would be successful in my job.

  • Coming up next is the video illustration about inappropriate touch  and sexual advancement  abuse of a child -Myths and Realities.

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